Call for individual oral or poster abstracts - Submission closed

Call for Late Breaking posters - Deadline April 15th

Submission of an abstract is only possible via the online abstract submission module. Abstracts submitted via e-mail or incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Submit your Late Breaking Posters here: submission module 

Abstract format 

  1. The abstract should be submitted in English. Abstracts have a word limit of 250 words. All abbreviations have to be written in full text and explained upon first use.
  2. The following structure and subheadings should be used:

    - Title: provide a short clear title reflecting the content of the abstract.
    - Aim: describe research background, the working definition and/or hypothesis.
    - Methods: should contain applied methods, including number of patients.
    - Results: present a summary of the most important results. Please include value of the test statistics and p-value if applicable.
    - Conclusion: please present a conclusion based on the results.
    - Reference(s): if applicable one reference can be included.

    Please note: it’s not possible to include images/tables/figures in your abstract.

  3. Presentation preference: oral or poster. Please indicate if you are prepared to present your abstract as poster in case it cannot be accepted as oral presentation. The organizing committee makes the final decision.
  4. Topic: indicate for which session/topic you would like to submit your abstract. The topics you can choose from are:

    - Basic science
    - Mental health problems in somatic settings and primary care
    - Consultation-liaison (CL) psychiatry
    - Collaborative & integrated care
    - Web based care, e-health and m-health
    - Psychotherapy in psychosomatic medicine
    - Persistent somatic symptoms
    - Training, Early Career & skills
    - Special Topics, Organisation, Management

  5. Previous publication/presentation: you will be asked to indicate whether the abstract has been previously published and/or presented at a conference (this is however no irrefutable criteria for acceptance/rejection).

Evaluation of proposals
Proposals will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee, based on criteria set by the EAPM. Decisions will be communicated by March 15, 2019. All abstracts that are accepted will be published on the conference website. In addition, abstracts that meet the higher standard for publication in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research (JPR) will be published in the conference issue of the JPR. Selection of abstracts to be published in the JPR is also done by the scientific committee.