Integrating psychosomatic care across medical settings and specialties

On behalf of the European Association of Psychosomatic Medicine and the Dutch Association of Psychiatry (NVvP), we are very happy to welcome you to EAPM 2019 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Diverse clinical disciplines are involved in our efforts to understand the pathways in psychosomatic conditions and to advocate multi-disciplinary management. However, integration of care still remains a difficult process. Whereas the aspiration to integrated medical and mental health care is widespread, integrated care services are yet hard to find. This is the reason why we have chosen the conference theme of Integrating psychosomatic care across medical settings and specialties.

The 2019 EAPM annual conference provides lectures, symposia, workshops and master classes starting from different medical specialty perspectives on the pathophysiology and treatment of psychosomatic syndromes. In order to inform the field on current etiologic concepts another special focus is on symptom formation and what constitutes to psychosomatic complexity. Furthermore, clinical efforts will be presented on when and where integrated care could start.

Like no other cities in the Netherlands, Rotterdam is the perfect place to advocate integrated care. Drawing on different ethnic groups, integration is one of the main aspects that characterize daily life in this city. Moreover, as Europe’s largest harbour, Rotterdam has been bridging peoples’ destiny across the ocean for centuries. Today, we have received scientific contributions from all over the world, and the attendees from overseas may especially enjoy our joined preconference on pathophysiological considerations in psychosomatic medicine, together with the Academy of Consultation-Psychiatry (ACLP).

Have a good time in Rotterdam!

Wolfgang Söllner - President of the EAPM

Rebecca Weintraub Brendel - President of the ACLP

Carsten Leue - Chair of the EAPM 2019 Conference



General psychological and physiological pathways to psychosomatic syndromes

Specific pathways along the body-brain axis

Stress and immune function in psychosomatic syndromes

Resilience and coping in psychosomatic conditions

Contextual influences in functional somatic syndromes

Attachment and emotion regulation in functional somatic conditions

Epigenetics in psychosomatic syndromes

Physical health in mental disorders

Psychological treatment of the medically ill


Psychosomatic approaches in digestive diseases

Caregivers communication skills in psychosomatic medicine

Personalized care in psychosomatic medicine

(Cost-) effectiveness of integrated care in psychosomatic medicine

Consultation-liaison psychiatry

Psychosomatic treatment in primary care

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Delegates are requested to scan their badges upon entering the venue every day, in order to get the points that are rewarded by EACCME. It is not needed to scan your badge when leaving the conference venue. You will receive the accredited points based on your daily presence after the conference.